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Sexually frustrated 😛

Wet Harry is Sexy❤️

Happy 4th of July🇺🇸



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Düsseldorf, Germany. July 2, 2014 x

Banana Kid🍌

Düsseldorf - 2/07

Great HD pic
July 2nd   Düsseldorf, Germany

Harry feels!

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@w13ner: @Harry_Styles and James Corden taking my celebrity selfie virginity today!!! #HarryStyles #JamesCorden #Selfie 

Haha gotta love Harry’s selfies!

Did he just catch a blowing kiss

Haha yes!

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That song is very personal. I wasn’t necessarily in that state of mind when I wrote that song. It’s a very reflective song. I mean, it’s about guilt, isn’t it? ‘Don’t you mind? Don’t you mind?’ Of course they mind. Everything that I said, I did all those things, which are not good things. A lot of people connect to that song. It’s a song about guilt—it’s a sad song, but it’s also one of my favorites. [x]

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People accidentally ignoring Harry’s fist bump (2012 - 2014)

Haha he’s so fucking cute

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Düsseldorf, Germany - 7/02

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